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gothenburg bicycle fair 2017
We got a lot of visitors this year on the bicyklefair in Gothenburg

I heard a number of 10000 visitors through the weekend. I think it was more. It looked like it where nearly 20 000. we'll have to wait and see what the bickle air commite tells us later this week. I got a lot to do during the fair but I got some pictures. See more on Gothenburg>>>

UCI are again suspending discbrakes on races. This after Fran Ventosos accident on Paris-Roubaix where he nearly lost his leg. His leg got cut into the bone.

disc brakes
Looks like the teams in pro circus will use disc brakes in next season. Both shimano, sram and campagnolo are now offering this improvement for braking. See more on cyclingtips.com, jensonusa.com and velonews.com.

gothenburg Grand prix bicycle
We had a wonderful evening for Gothenburg Grand prix friday the 6:th of may 2016. I'll show you some pictures>>>

Visitdenmark offers an app for your smartphone with 26 different routes and campings near by. The app detects where you are at the moment with gps and then suggest different bikeroutes around Denmark with camping. You are able to download it for android on google play and for iPhone, iPads om app store. You've go more maps on this page>>>

six days in copenhagen
This week they run 6 days
in Ballerup just 30 kilometers from Copenhagen. cyclingquotes.com gives reports in english from this event.

Danish cyclist union is writing about a bike you are able to throw in the compost. The italian company aenimal.it shows how they make the material from wheat, sugarbeets, corn and sugarcanes and then print the frame with a 3D printer. The material is called Ingeo and you are able to read more about this on natureworksllc.com. I do not see how they make the tires but guess they use some sort of ecological rubber.

Try the wonderful bicycle track from Frederikshavn to Skagen. I show you some pictures here>>>

The Kattegatt route is opened a wonderful trail along the swedish coast

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