a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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This is a page about using your bike to investigate the wonderful landscape around Kattegatt in Scandinavia. I tried 2009 travelling on a bike through Halland and Skane in West Sweden and then went with the Ferry over to Helsingor. After some biking in Sealand I crossed this island for continuing to Nort Juthland and participated in the North Jutland race. Helsingor is known for its old fortress Kronborg(Crown fortress) where the Hamlet drama, by Shakespeare, unfolds.

In this journey I give you some pictures on the way and also tips or suggestions on where to get food, rest for the night, what Ikind of equipment you need for this trip and where you are able to find free maps over Denmark. On the way from Gothenburg I am passing Kungsbacka, Varberg, Falkenberg, Halmstad and Hallandsaasen(halland ridge) before I reach Helsingborg.

I also did a trip from Copenhagen 2014 on another route over the Hallandsaasen(halland ridge). I show you some pictures here from the road along the sea through Skane and Halland.

Along the way you've got plenty of nice beaches, parks and views you'll have to discover once in your lifetime. Like bakken, Mellbystrand(Mellvillage beach), Aalborg, the Limfjord and similar. The advantages with taking the bike is that you often see places and meet people you don't see or meet by car.


You'll find older news here>>>

After a lot of changed decisions, due to the pandemic, you now see that tour de france will start in Denmark next year. The danish goverment say that they will stop traffic on store belts broen(the bridge between Sjalland and fyn) five hours for the race. Read more on letour.fr and trm.dk.

Right now, in July and August you are able to get to Bornholm and many other islands in Denmark for free. On Danish civil aviation and railway aviation you read that the goverment decided that also this year(they had free ferries last year) you are able to go by ferries for free to all Denmarks Islands. Yes Greenland and Faroe islands is danish but not part of this agreement. Anyway, you are know able to go for free by ferry to islands like Bornholm, Anholt and many more islands around Denmark for free. You see a map of all ferries on arcgis.com.

Denmark is opening their borders again. At the moment you'll need either a vaccination proof for covid-19 or a pcr test that is not older then 90 hours. Read more on coronasmitte.dk>>> .

Looks like tour de France is starting this saturday, 26 of june, from Nice in France. Many medias write they are worried that the tour will stop before they reach the finish due to the new rules written by A.S.O(Amatuer Sports organisation). The teams tells that they've got a document that say that if two member of the team got a covid-19 infection the whole team will disqualify from the tour. See more on cyklingnews.com, velonews.com and cyclingtips.com. The track is ready. See the track on letour.fr

tour de france in denmark 2021
Earlier this year tour de france told us that the tour will start in Copenhagen 2021.
If you would like to see it then book a hotel a year before. There are plenty of hotels, hostels and B&B in Copenhagen. The next day they will start in Roskilde and go to Nyborg, Fyn. The last day they start in Vejle and finish in Sonderborg. Easiest way to travel between these vilages should be by train. Check the DSB.dk for journey planner. Another convenient way could be using the DOT app on your phone.

delicious sandwiches
You'll get hungry after an hour on the bike. Do not worry. You'll finds hundereds of these cosy affordable snadwich cafées in Copenhagen. Check some of them out here>>>

The tickets for Northjylland round is out for sale.
Unfortunately they still don't got an english page. You could always use google translate here>>>. I show you some pictures from my trip in 2009 here>>>

new bikelanes in kungsbacka
We got new bikelanes around Kungsbacka. This is the road between Sarogarden and Kullavik. On the other way it passes Slap.

Looks like the bikeferry suddenly are getting in trouble with the swedish and danish transport board do not agree on the rules for traffic with passengers in boat. Swedish board says it is not in order to ship more the 12 while danish say 36. This makes the route to expensive to run.

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