a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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Aarhus is the second oldest city in Denmark. The oldest is Ribe you find on the other side of Juthland. See google maps>>> Aarhus is a village from the wikings age and the archeologists has found evidence for buildings here from 870 a.c. Today you got a lot of museums and parks that deserve a visit. Like the old town who shows you how the life where in the last centuries in this town. You also got the Wiking museum, the occupation museum that shows you the struggle for getting rid of the Nazies during second world war and many others.

a wonderful artmuseum
The museum Aros in Aarhus looks spectacular with its inglassed top floor made of glass in different colours. If you walk around here you are able to see most of the city through the windows. Read more about this fantastic museum on aros.dk

wonderful walking road in the middle of aarhus
From the center of the city to the train station you are able to follow aarhus stroeget with plenty of shops restaurants and bodegas.

wonderful houses from the 19:th century
If you walk opposite way to the harbour you'll pass all these wonderful buildings from the 19:th century.

it looks nice when the restaurants are giving lights through the evenings
When the evenening arrives all the restaurants are switching the lights on and this gives you a wonderful environment all over the town.

aarhus river during the night
This is aarhus streem or river you pass when following stroeget through central Aarhus.

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