a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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Falkenberg Strandbad

Hotel in Falkenberg Sweden

hotel aalborg
Luxury hotel by the beach in Falkenberg. The hotel looks like none could afford staying here but they actually got offers during the summer month with prices from 83€ a night. Then you'll get a standard double room with breakfast included.

Skrea Camping & Cottages

Good prices on cottages

central hotel in gothenburg sweden
Another accommodation close to the sea in Falkenberg. I see they want 40€ for a tent so I suggest using the cottages instead that you are able to share with four travelmates. The camping is situated maybe 2 kilometers south from city center and got many different ways of spending the night. Hostels, cottages, rent a caravan or room.

Kvarnens Pensionat and B&B

Ackommodation in Falkenberg Sweden

central hotel in gothenburg sweden
5 kilometers north from Falkenberg you got a beautiful beach and a hostelry/b&b where you choose living in a cottage, the mill or rooms. From the hostelry you got about 650 meters to the beach and a heath landscape. 40 kilometers from this pension you´ll find a very popular outlets center called GK:s where you are able to shop for the best prices in Scandinavia. People comes from all over the world for buying goods like ecco shoes for half the price compared with "normal" shopping centers. If you share a double room with your travel partner you get a bed for 41€ person and night.

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