a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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nice affordable hotel with pubs and restaurants, near the boat to Sweden
Hotel Jutlandica
is a nice hotel near the ferry back to Gothenburg. a Nice place if you need a rest, good food or just relax. The rooms got satellite, internet, telephone and everything you need for a nice stay.

nice hotel just behindBest Western Hotel Herman Bang is a smaller hotel just a couple of hundred meters closer to the center of Frederikshavn. Got coffebar, bubblepool, satellite tv with flat screen, internet, bar and a delicious breakfast.

bed and breakfastHerman Bang Bread & breakfast is an even more affordable place to spend your night. Just about 60€ a night. This B&B is located near the swimminghall in Frederikshavn and near buses and maybe a couple of hundred meters to all the citystores. Not far away you got a lot of supermarkets with groceries, beer and soda for half the price then in the city. You got 148 other hotels in Frederikshavn here>>>

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