a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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Swedish bike fair in Gothenburg got over 10000 visitors this weekend

Lot of exciting things like this me-mover. This device where invented by a huy from Stockholm, Jonas Eliasson. He where trying to make a bike that he could use getting to and from the subway in Stockholm. He where not totally satisfied but discovered the potential as a training device. While you are using this mover you use muscles in you legs and stomach that gives your body a better balance. After some development he then showed it on the kickstarter community and got money for production this way. Today he is producing it in Denmark and are still progressing design and way of making it better.

The kids loved these vehicles and we got problems getting kids leaving them for other to try. read more about this me-mover on me-mover.com

I saw a lot of bike tourism this year on the fair.
Looks like many tourist agnecys in Sweden have learned a lesson.

gota canal cruises by bike and boats
The Goeta kanal or Gota channel society showed a lot of activities. They did start with the boats riding the channel many years ago but now they also offer nice biketrips along the channel. You are also able to get a mixed travel by both boat and bike with lodging, food, spa and many other activities. Read more about them on cyklagotakanal.se. In Toreboda you also got cafe visthuset where you are able to buy different packages for your visit. Like renting a bike, getting a meal, maps, different lodging and tips on places to see. Toreboda is a perfect place if you get here byt train because its location is just by the Gota canal. Check it out on google maps.

the southeast track
Sydostleden or the Southeast track is another way of discovering Sweden. Here you are able to get ready packets for travelling by bike in the south of Sweden. This is a part of trailsofsouthernsweden.com and they offer a lot of information about the southern part of Sweden.

bike on oeland
Another part of south sweden is Oeland(Islandland). This stand where showing different packages for visiting their island. Read more on oland.se

electric bikes
Electric bikes where many this year. You could try four different brands of these in the end of the hall. Many kids but alos grown ups had a lot of fun trying these vehicles.

try anelectric bike

lectures in how to use cluster when riding a bike
we also got sone interesting lectures from different organisations. Like our Emma johansson, and team Crescent. This is tema crescent explanation of how you use others when you are out on a ride. On this picture you see a belgian cluster.

Other lectures where about a discipline called randennour. Christian Behre and some other members of Hisingens bicykle club gave us a good introduction to this. Randennour is a kind of biking in different distances. Like 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1000 kilometers to achieve a proof that you are qualified in joining longer races. Like PBP(Paris-Brest-Paris).

christian beher and ake haraldsson
Christian Behre and Aake Haraldsson is showing this years challenge and that is RAAM. A long distance achievment where they are planning to get Aake Haraldsson over North america on a bike. Last year aake had to stop the race about 1000 kilometers from the goal. Christian and aake told us that this year they had changed tactics a bit and are, this year, focusing on get better sleep then last year. You an read more about this challenge on raceacrossamerica.org

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