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Margretetorps Gastgifvaregard

Hotel on Hallands Ridge

hotel on hallands ridge
On the norths side of Hallands Ridge there is a nice marvellous hotel or hostelry. This is a skansk hostelry with its origin back in the 14:th century. There where a lot of traffic over the ridge from horsemen, cavallery, trademens and other sorts of transportation that used this hostelry for a nights stay, maybe change horses or just for a meal. In these rooms you got internet through cables or wireless, cable/satellite tv, cold drinks, your own bathroom with shower and a wonderful garden and forest at the doorstep.

The prices are from 101 to 235 € a night depending on season and kind of room.

Hallandsasen Vandrarhem and B&B

Hostel, b&b on Halland Ridge

central hotel in gothenburg sweden
An affordable stay for you who needs a calm bed for night or the week. Perfect if you would like biking in some hills or just check the forest near by. Here you got breakfast included and free wifi. You pay from 36€ a night. They also got 60 m² appartments from 71€ a night. If you share it with a couple of friends it costs nothing. In the appartment you got 18 tv channels with flat screen, free internet, living room, kitchen, porch, washing machine, private parking spot, shower, toilet and 5 to 6 beds.

Kaptenshamn Hotell och Vandrarhem

Hostels in Halmstad

a farmers barn that is made to bed and breakfast, good environment
Near train station in Halmstad you find this hostel with 12 rooms. You'll get a room in the hostel from 30€ a night and also hotel rooms from 77€. The difference is that in hostel you has to share shower, bathroom and kitchen with others.


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