a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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One very attractive path of Kattegatt leden is the one over Fjärås bräcka(long ridge overdo). This is a place where you are able to see a big lake and the sea at the same time. The ridge is, like the halland ridge, created during last ice age. On the east end of the ridge you'll sea the lake Lygnern and if you turn around 180 degrees you'll see Kattegatt.

This a picture to east from the ridge. This is a 30 kilometers long lake called Lygnern. It offers a perfect round for bicycle. You also got a couple of cafés and smaller shops around this lake. I recommend taking a tour round the lake on bike or motorcycle.

This is a view to the west standing on the ridge. 3 kilometers, in the horizon you see a glimpse of kattegatt.

signs or shildts to the south
These signs are placed in the south end of this bike lane on the ridge. If you go to the right from here you'll pass naturum café where you are able to read a lot of this ridge and about the people who has been populating this area for thousand of years.

bauta stones
If you then continue you are able to see these wonderful old bautastones. They are dated to around our wiking age but you also got other stone buildings from both stone and bronce age on this field.

a closer look
A closer look.

The gravefield is located just a couple of hundred meters south from the café Naturum on this map. These pictures with stones are taken from Stenaliden and Livägen.

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